Stunning & Bleeding

Good welfare leads to good quality !

Baader offers a most humane and efficient method for stunning and bleeding
salmon/trout and many other fish species, utilizing percussive stunning and bleeding

This welfare-friendly solution is a key process in the provision of optimum fish quality
and next stage fish processing.

The unique Baader SI, automated harvest system takes advantage of the fish's
natural behavior where they swim into the stun/bleed machines, with the absolute
minimum of stress.

Baader supplies a complete range of machines and supporting modules specifically
suited to the harvesting requirements of the client. This includes everything from
single stun/bleed combined machine to advanced multi-channel systems
incorporating automated fish delivery.

Low stress harvesting ensures:

  • Higher flesh quality in the harvested fish reduces flesh gaping and blood spotting in fillets.

  • Longer pre-rigor time -up to 20 hours, results in reduced wastage when fish are machine processed (gutting, heading, skinning and filleting) after stun/bleed harvesting

  • Up to 20 - 30% shelf life improvement

  • Improved provessing efficiency and reduced wastage during further processing (gutting, heading, skinning and filleting)

BAADER offers complete modern project solutions to industry, including process
design for factories or vessels and may include: automated harvesting, gutting,
heading, filleting, skinning, trimming, final inspection to sizing and grading.

BAADER 101 Stunning and Bleeding