Filleting Machine for Cod, Saithe and Haddock, Trout, Seatrout, Artic, Charr, Sea Bass, African Catfish (3-piece-cut).

Technical Data:
  • Processes: Cod, Saithe and Haddock and African Catfish (3-piece-cut)

  • Working range: 30 - 70 cm (total fish length)

  • Throughput rate: up to 36 fish/min

Customer Benefits:
  • Replaces hand filleting labor

  • Provides consistent yield performance

  • Less trimming required

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

BAADER 580 Filleting Machine

The BAADER 582 is an advanced unique filleting machine for Whitefish. It is designed in a completely new manner with respect to yield, hygiene, performance, and fillet quality. All tools are computer controlled.
A stable run of the fish through the machine guarantees higher throughput. Settings of the machine can be changed during operation and can be stored in a recipe archive for easier handling. The fillets from this new BAADER 582 are of an extraordinary quality, especially in the high value loin area - very little trimming required.

Customer Benefits:
  • High speed - up to 30 fish/min (proven by industrial tests)

  • Best fillet quality, especially in the high value loin area:
    - memebrane in the loin area stays intact
    - no stress on the fillet because of no scraper or stickle knives

  • Less downgrades

  • Flexible on different species (e.g. Cod, Saithe)

  • Stable run of the fish through the machine - less stops

  • Computer controlled tools

  • Best hygiene performance

  • Easy to adjust and to maintain

  • Attachable collarbone-cutter (under-design)

  • BAADER 59 Skinner can be connected directly to BAADER 582

Technical Data:
  • Fish species: Cod, Saithe

  • Working range:
    Atlantic Cod: 50-105cm (head on)

  • Throughput rate: up to 30 fish/min (proven by industrial trials)
    (depending on fish size and operator skills)

BAADER 582 Filleting Machine