Customer Benefits:
  • Gentle handling

  • Highest fillet quality for A-grade products - even on soft fish

  • Fillet output straight and seperate for easy inspection and trimming

  • High yield - also at the tail end due to a patented system which ensures that the tails stay undamaged

  • Cleaning nozzles for optimal pre-cleaning of transport belt

Technical Data:
  • Fish species: Cod, Saithe, Haddock

  • Working range:
    Width: max 300 mm
    Length: unlimited - according to the preceding filleting machine.

  • Throughput:
    up to 80 fillets/min in two lanes
    (max. infeed speed 50m/min)

BAADER 59 Skinning Machine

The BAADER 52 operates both as normal skinning machine according to the timetested peeling procedure which retains the silver film on the fillet, and as deepskinning machine BAADER 52DS which removes the skin together with the fatty layer between the skin and the muscular tissue by means of an oscillating blade; the thickness of cut is adjustable. This method is e.g. used for salmon, redfish, whitefish etc.

Customer Benefits:
  • Only the skin is removed leaving the silver mirror on the fillets

  • Simple conversion from standard to deep skinning

  • Robust construction for long continuous operation

  • Equipped with special designed skin carrier rollers the fillets are treated softly and therefore look very smooth

Technical Data:
  • Fish species: Salmon, Redfish, Whitefish and Tuna, Tilapia, Pangasius, Catfish etc.

  • Working range: up to 35 cm width

  • Throughput rate: up to 150 fillets/min (depending on the machine type)

BAADER 52 Skinning